High-impact coaching & wellbeing programs that make a difference in all aspects of people’s lives.

Our Programs

Wellbeing At Work

We make it easy for you to create a workplace where wellbeing matters. Helping to retain talent, reduce stress and increase the performance of your people

Research indicates Mental health and wellbeing has become the number one societal issue for Australian employees, with many considering their employer the most important source of support

Increasingly, businesses are experiencing significant financial and cultural benefits from having wellbeing at the forefront of the work experience

For Individuals

Seriously effective coaching and wellbeing experiences that get you unstuck and into action

Getting clear on your stuck state, and current state of mind, moving to a place of acceptance and then to taking positive action, will help you achieve your desire goals


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Our guiding principles.

These three areas shape all our conversations and give our programs meaning and impact.


Raise awareness of what makes people tick. Identify the strengths and values that inform clear decisions.


Explore ways to get unstuck and into action. Create many opportunities to gather energy when most needed.


Learn ways to create trusting relationships at home, work and community. Experience the power of connection and belonging.

Our solutions.

At Reset Hub we enable people to get unstuck and into action, no matter what role they perform.

Our development solutions help people:

  • Navigate change
  • Clarify their purpose and priorities
  • Improve their health and wellbeing
  • Build strong relationships based on trust

So they can flourish in all aspects of life

Why Reset Hub?

We keep it real.

Founded by Dan Bessant and Shabba Turney, the Reset Hub team have extensive experience in social dynamics and people development, as well as formal qualifications. Your facilitators and coaches are guaranteed to have:

  • Real world, global experience
  • A background in senior leadership
  • Formal coaching qualifications
  • Full commitment to your program experience and outcomes.

No B-S.

The Reset team have a no B-S approach to program design and delivery.

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