Wellbeing Programs

Customise a wellbeing program within your context or introduce one of our Reset Hub Wellbeing in Business Programs.

Our Wellbeing Programs

Discovery Program

Most relevant for emerging leaders, individual contributors, subject matter experts and project leads.

A refreshingly relevant 6-month blended learning program that equips members to get unstuck and into action

Individual contributors are often required to problem solve while under stress and pressure. These people rarely have an opportunity to develop the much needed EQ and people skills needed to navigate these daily challenges.

The Discovery Program gives you access to:

  • Strong and effective learning experiences over 6-months
  • Dynamic facilitators that guide people through the program
  • Small group coaching to give them the confidence to apply the learning at work
  • Internal (manager) and external (Reset Hub) support and tools

The modules and framework can be customised to the needs of your people.

Vitality Program

A wellbeing program for graduates of the Discovery Program. The Vitality Program aims to embed new, healthier ways of living and working and take wellbeing to a new level. The program includes:

  • 6 x facilitated Action Hubs (small group coaching sessions)
  • Support to challenge triggers that cause procrastination or avoidance
  • Application of new healthier habits and routines
  • Mentoring and supporting others
  • Access to live webinars, tools, weekly reflection exercises, habit building, blogs, videos and podcasts.