Reset Program

Are you stuck in a rut and ready to make a change?

The 12-week virtual Reset Program will help you access more clarity, energy and connections – every day.

Work with world-class coaches and facilitators that will guide you through a range of personalised experiences.

Next Reset Program starts December 13th, 2021.

Spots are filling fast.

Does this sound like you?

I am...

Then it is time to...

Do you identify with any of the stuck states?


I am being pulled in different directions and struggle to find the energy to do things that are enjoyable & important.


I'm putting on a brave face and everyone sees a capable person but it's all an act. I'm afraid someone will discover I'm a fraud.


There's something I really want but, if I dare to follow my dreams, I risk losing everything I've worked hard for.


I've dedicated all my time and energy to work and have finally run out of steam. I am burnt-out and have lost my mojo.


I worry that life is passing by too quickly. I just wish things wouldn't change so often so I can sleep better at night.


I used to be sociable and part of a community but if I'm honest, I often feel disconnected and alone.


I know I have high expectations of myself and others. It's taking its toll on my health, work and friendships.


I'm in a rut. I know it's time for a new adventure, but I don't know where to start.

Join us in the most in-depth and immersive personal development program in Australia.

If nothing changes in your life, are you okay with that?

It’s time to hit reset.

Next Program Starts 13 December, 2021

Change is hard. But you don’t have to do it alone.

  • Our expert coaches and facilitators are available to work through your unique challenges and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Our events are held virtually so, you can join the sessions from the comfort of your home, the ease of your office or even from your holiday home.
  • Additional support is available from your group of like-minded people, attending the program with you.
  • The customised and private Communication Platform is a safe place for you to reach out to your peers/coach, at any time.

Is it time to look through a different lens?

Next program starts 15 November

Tailored and personal experience

Simple communication tools & learning platforms

Limited to 20 places per program

All the support you need.

Unlike other personal development programs where you are grouped with hundreds, even thousands of others and never speak with a coach, this program is truly unique as you get personal coaching sessions with extraordinary coaches, guiding you every step of the way. We actually limit the number of participants so that we can help you individually.

Spend time with real coaches to reconnectrealign and reengage with yourself and spend 3 months living into it.

Work in real time,
with real people,
on real issues.

The Reset Program Framework

We aim to maximise the impact, without making unreasonable demands on your time.





What do you get throughout the 12-week program?

1-day virtual masterclass

3 x 1-hour personalised coaching sessions

Access to peers via communication platform

Small group coaching activities

3 x 2-hour workshops

Free hardback daily journal

Reset Hub podcasts

Bi-annual alumni event in Sydney

Self-paced, online reflection activities

Free access to support resources and materials

Graduation celebration

Program Overview

Self-directed research, review and reflection:

  • Identify personal strengths using a robust profiling tool
  • Reflect and journal current state and future aspirations
  • Clarify priorities and desired outcomes for the program

Personal coaching – strengths and getting unstuck

Masterclass (1 DAY):

  • Begin the reset process
  • Experience the power of being present and mindful
  • Manage your inner-critic and limiting beliefs
  • Value the role of self-compassion and empathy
  • Identify and align to your personal values
  • Stop reacting and learn to make powerful choices
  • Be accountable for your commitments
  • Change habits forever

Research, review and reflect – how to access drive and energy when you need it

Personal coaching – overcome your challenges and set a clear intention

Workshop (2 HRS): Living with Purpose

  • Find your purpose
  • Complete an energy audit
  • Identify blockers and enablers
  • Clarify your motivation levers
  • Create energizing goals
  • Get into action by clarifying commitments
  • Create new patterns of thinking and doing

Research, review and reflect – how can we optimise our relationships and connections

Personal coaching – explore the quality of relationships and trust blockers

Workshop (2 HRS): Courage to Connect

  • The crippling effect of assumptions, judgements and criticism
  • Notice the impact of your emotions on people around you
  • Better manage conflict and mistrust
  • Review your network and where you invest your energy
  • Create trusting relationships
  • Find the courage to say what you mean
  • Set boundaries and manage expectations

Research, review and reflect – How to lean into your fears and create the life you want to live

Personal coaching – move from good intention into action

Workshop (2 HRS): Leap of Faith

  • The neuroscience of fear
  • Explore your fear triggers
  • Discover your source of courage
  • The power of curiosity
  • Embrace a growth mindset
  • Identify your identity drivers
  • Peer coaching

Commit to goals, actions and daily habits for lasting change.

What further outcomes can you expect?

Work in real time, with real people on real issues to:

  • Access more energy and motivation
  • Establish new routines and patterns
  • Clarify goals and priorities
  • Forge deeper social and emotional connections
  • Find personal purpose and passion
  • Access greater balance across all areas of life
  • Be more confident, accepting and self-expressed
  • Commit to healthy habits
  • Discover a more positive outlook and mindset
  • Simplify your thought patterns.

Understand motivators and blockers.

Manage the volume of your inner critic.

Know pain points and why you struggle.

Live your life with purpose.

If you’re not convinced that now is the right time to join the Reset Program, ask yourself…
“If not now, when?”

What's involved?

You may be thinking ‘this sounds great but how will I find the time?’



If time is an issue – even more reason to consider joining us.

How many other things are you missing out on? 

Why Reset Hub?

We keep it real.

The Reset team are down to earth, no B-S professionals. We come from a range of industries and backgrounds and celebrate diversity – without exception. The team of coaches have relevant qualifications, extensive life experience and expertise in personal development.

Our approach

What are others saying about the Reset Program?

“It’s good to take stock every once and while and the Reset Program was the perfect opportunity to do that. I work in a creative environment that is full of passion but can be high pressure and involve a lot of emotional negotiation – it’s an environment ripe for burn out.

Having experienced that before, and feeling it creeping back I wanted proactive strategies to help. The pressures of the job are still the same but going through the program has helped me identify myself, my strengths and weaknesses better. I find it easier to have difficult conversations and how to prioritise the areas of my life I truly want to work on. It has given me tools to be a better leader, partner and parent.”

Carly Heaton
Creative Director, Media

“The Reset Program showed me that the power to change wasn’t some magical pill or gimmick, but was inside of me all along. I wasn’t told what to do but they helped me draw out my inner truth and to confront my blockages. It’s a work in progress but I now have the tools to work to my strengths and mange my attention areas much more effectively.”

Paul Myers
Marketing Executive

“The Reset Program has given me great clarity about myself, my mindset and new healthy ways to manage my often hectic life.  My passion for music has returned too and I now play daily, for myself more so than others, which is helping in other areas of my life like I never imagined.”

Carlo Claparols
Program Manager, Media

“The coaching program with Siobhan exceeded my expectations. The program not only helped me get clear my priorities but, more importantly, helped me address the fear I had in taking the next large step in my business. I’m now making decisions with purpose and confidence which is really paying off in my business, and further benefiting my personal life also.”

Danielle Tiller
Managing Director

“Working with Dan helped me gain clarity on where I really wanted to head in life and career and what I needed to do to get there. I was amazed to get the position at work I was working towards so much sooner than I thought was possible! I am personally and professionally fulfilled.”

Kim Bercherand
Manager Inclusive Play I Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT

Program Value

Full Day Virtual Masterclass$2,000
One one on coaching$1,200
Strengths Profile Assessment$600
Virtual Workshops$1,200
Daily Habit Builder Technology$200
Reset Program Workbook$50
Member Support for program duration$600

One off cost for December program

Only $1,500

A saving of over 70%

So what are you waiting for? Take your first step now towards creating and achieving your biggest goals.  

Have you got any questions?