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Resolution or Reset – what works?

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already approaching the end of January, and although we were all hoping for a fresh new start, the mood is still a little subdued.  While we are experiencing an unusual tension between celebration and caution, the fog is slowly clearing and there seems to be a collective agreement that 2021 has to be better than last year, right? 

Looking back, the speed of change and disruption caught us by surprise and took a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health. As we navigate through the new ways of living and look forward to the rest of 2021, it’s likely you are asking yourself some tough questions such as: 

  • Have I got the energy to make big life changes? 
  • How do I stop the cycle of busyness and stress? 
  • Is this all there is to life or can I dare to dream again? 
  • Can I repair or build relationships with people I’ve been apart from for so long? 
  • What’s my purpose? 
  • Can I get back on top of things so I’m back in control? 
  • How do I get back into healthy habits and patterns? 
  • Is there a way to re-connect with my family and friends? 
  • Will I ever be happy and optimistic like I used to be?  
  • Why am I still so moody and critical? 
  • Can I finally get on top of my health issues and start feeling good? 
  • How do I find the motivation to achieve my goals? 
  • How can I find a loving relationship when I’m not feeling very loveable? 

The New Year is the time for healthy resolutions but, even with great intentions, we rarely stick to them. This, on top of a very stressful year can cause increased frustration and disappointment. I’m not suggesting we ditch new year’s resolutions but perhaps we need more than willpower to set us on the right path. 

Why not begin the year by taking a moment to reflect on the extremely challenging time we’ve come through and acknowledge the enormous effort weve made to keep ourselves and our families connected and well. Then, sign up to Reset Hub (info from website/brochure). 

  • Work with expert coaches and facilitators 
  • Learn the science and skills behind behaviour change 
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and negative self-talk 
  • Practice strategies that get you out of bad habits 
  • Commit to inspiring goals and actions 
  • Walk with confidence and a positive outlook 

Outcomes you can achieve: 

  • Personal purpose and passions 
  • Clarity of personal goals, roles and priorities 
  • Balance across all areas of life 
  • Energy and motivation on a daily basis 
  • Social connections and relationships 
  • Commitment to health, wellbeing and habits 
  • Compassion and contribution to peers and communities 
  • Confidence, self efficacy and self expression 
  • Optimism, positive outlook and mindset 

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